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Pitch is more free of the Fearling's influence and therefore more like how I imagined Kozmotis would have been at 16.

A Pirate’s Life for Me || closed for guardianoffun and Dom

The man sighed and set down his maps; it had been a long day and his men should be coming back soon with the young Prince. Pitch planned on using him as ransom. Many people would pay highly to have him as a slave or just flat out kill him; he was next in line for the throne.
The young man was a good leader and fair but strict with his laws and what could and could not be traded in his cities. Because of this, he had the most prosperous domain. However, this and his position would come with many enemies.
The pirate himself was only twenty two but he himself was a good leader and managed to get his men the best locations for their thievery. Pitch however, called it permanent borrowing or major investments. His money usually did go to investments so when he and his men weren’t plundering, he live comfortably on the coast.
His attire consisted of a crisp, pressed, white shirt with a low collar and burgundy ascot. His coat was black with red and gold trimmings with a much higher collar that most would find uncomfortable but he liked it that way. The cuffs on his coat hung a bit too loosely though, the young man being much thinner while at sea. His raven hair was pulled back with a loose, black ribbon to keep most of it out of his face save for the two or three locks that always seemed to escape, framing his face.
Hearing a ruckus and someone yelling at his men, he smirked and stood, moving to stand in front of his mahogany desk casually, leaning back on it with his arms crossed loosely. Pitch’s golden eyes trained on the ornately carved door, a small smirk playing at his lips as he imagined the young Prince’s face. Most imagined the captain of the Nightmare to be much older, the look would have given him a more regal and wise aura. But that was not to be.
Seeing the door nobs twisting for the doors to be flung open, again (he was always getting onto his crew about that but they never listened to that one order), only to reveal his captive.

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